5 Gallon, Self-Resetting Mouse Trap

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Country and off grid life has its advantages, but there are also some downsides that come with off grid life. One of those things is pests like mice. If you live off grid or out in the country, it's kind of a given that you'll experience mice on your property and you may even find them in your home at times too. Mice are pretty sneaky, especially the small field mice that live out in the country. They are able to make it into some of the smallest holes and spaces into your home, garage or shed and once they're in, they might bring some friends too. When you think about it, they are just doing all they can to survive, but they are quite annoying and troublesome. If you've experienced mice in your house, you have probably tried a few different methods of getting rid of them. There are all different kinds of traps, potions and deterrents, and they can all be quite expensive too. Which is why it's great that there are so many diy ideas for getting rid of mice.

Many of these real life hacks are even humane. If you'd rather capture the mice in a humane way, there are some humane traps you can buy, or you can try some of the great diy ideas, and real life hacks like this one from YouTube. This YouTube video shows you exactly how to turn a recycled bucket into a mousetrap where the mouse will stay until you can release it. This way you don't have to spend a lot of money on expensive traps, and the little critters get to stay alive. All you need for this real life hack is a large, 5-gallon bucket, a wire hanger, an empty, clean can and some peanut butter. You'll also need a drill to drill two simple holes. First, take your bucket and clean it out. The bucket needs to be large so that once the mouse gets into it, it won't be able to jump out. If you don't have a bucket this size for this diy idea, you can usually find them at grocery stores in the baking or deli department, and they'll usually give them to you for free. So if you have to clean it out, do so and then grab a marker and mark a dot on either side of the bucket right across from one another. Then, take your drill and drill holes right on each of the marks you've made.

Next, take the wire hanger and straighten it out, then, take your can, and make sure that there is both a lid and a bottom. Drill a hole into the top, and the bottom of the can and then put your wire hanger through the bucket, then the two holes in the can and then through the other side of the bucket. Now you'll have a can that rolls around on the wire suspended in the centre at the top of the bucket. Last, you'll spread a bunch of peanut butter all over the outside of the can to attract the mice. Then place the diy trap in an area you know the mice go and set up a long wooden ramp leading up to the top of the bucket. The mice will crawl up to the bucket to get the peanut butter, but once they land on the can they will fall into the bucket where they will stay until you release them. Check out the entire video from aokspage and other real life hacks and diy ideas on YouTube.***

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