Sour Cream Swedish Meatballs

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If you are looking for a weekday food idea that can feed your family, taste good, and that doesn't create a load of dirty dishes, this sour cream Swedish meatballs recipe. This Swedish meatball recipe uses simple ingredients so it won't take you a lot of time to prepare, and with the help of the slow cooker, means that you can have a healthy dinner on the table with little fuss. For this Swedish meatball recipe, you will need a can of mushroom soup, beef broth, dry onion soup mix, steak sauce, frozen meatballs, sour cream, and egg noodles. You can serve this slow cooker Swedish meatball recipe with some green beans for the perfect weeknight meal. For the step by step instructions, you will want to take a look at The Country Cook site.

For this Swedish meatball recipe, you will need frozen meatballs which you can buy premade, or you can make homemade meatballs yourself. You might make homemade meatballs and freeze them for later use, so you have always have them on hand for food ideas. When buying ground meat, you will notice the wide variety of packages that have different prices. In most cases, the pricing for ground meat is directly related to different levels of fat content. The lower the fat content in the ground beef, the higher the cost will be per pound. The fat content in the ground beef is indicated by the numbers on the package. A popular fat content you might consider is 85/15, which is the ratio of beef, in this case, 85 percent to fat, which is 15 percent. You might try different ratios to give you the taste and texture that you are looking for. Many people who are trying to watch their fat intake buy ground beef that has a 90/10 fat content ratio. You might find that ratio to be a bit dry, but it is up to you. When using 85/15 beef, you will have to drain off the fat after you have browned the beef. You can do this by putting a small bowl in the strainer to help catch the fat and then throw it away in the trash. You want to make sure to not put the fat down the sink drain as you could plug your drain and pipes.

Tips for storing ground beef. You should use or freeze your purchased ground beef within two days of purchasing it. Remove the ground beef from the store packaging and double wrap the meat in plastic wrap or freezer wrap to help protect the meat from freezer burn. Frozen ground beef should be used within three to four months of buying it. After that, you should probably throw it away. The US Department of Agriculture guidelines say that even frozen food that is properly frozen can deteriorate in taste and nutritional value if it is stored too long in the freezer. If meat, ice cream or bread has been in the freezer for too long, the food gets very dried out and starts to develop white edges. The frozen food not only looks awful but the taste and texture will be pretty bad too. Another must do before freezing, is to label and date the food package. You’d be amazed at just how long those unmarked food packages take up residence in the bottom of your freezer. Another tip for freezing your food it to flatten and stack your frozen food packages, this way they take up less space, and it is easier to find things this way.

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