This Weird Bathtub Cleaning Trick is Easy and Effective

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Is it time to clean your bathtub and you're not really feeling up to it? Why not try out one of the great simple life hacks from the internet? Jillie from One Good Thing By Jillee shares some great cleaning tips and simple life hacks on her website. This one is all about how to clean your bathtub in a very effective, yet strange way. It might seem rather odd to you at first, but it actually works. Sometimes it's hard to get into all of the nooks and crannies of your bathtub, especially if you have back issues or don't enjoy kneeling on the floor. This cleaning tip is actually great for those who have a harder time with cleaning their tub, so you won't have to crouch over or kneel on the hard floor. Also, if you know anyone who has a bad back, or has trouble bending over, this would be a great cleaning tip to pass onto them. All you'll need is some dish soap, or you can use Jillee's special tub and shower cleaner, and you'll also need a clean broom. If your current broom is dirty and you know you'll be using this cleaning tip regularly, then just buy a cheap broom from the dollar store to use regularly.

Take the dish soap and cover your bathtub in it making sure you get it all over the sides and the bottom. Then comes the fun part. Just use the broom to scrub the tub with the soap. Dish soap is one of the most effective tub and shower cleaners ever because it cuts through the grime of any soap scum. The broom works as a large scrubbing brush, but since it has a long handle, this makes it much easier to scrub the tub without hurting yourself. You could even use the broom on your tiles too. Just put the dish soap all over the tiles and then scrub with the broom. Once you've scrubbed all the gunk and grime off, you can then rinse off all of the soap. There will be a lot of suds, so if you don't have a detachable shower head, use a bucket to fill up with water and then pour that water all over the shower and tub area to rinse off the suds, so they go down the drain. The hotter the water, the easier this is as well.

Then, if you don't want to get any water spots, you can always dry off your tiles, glass or tub after you're finished for a nice, professional look. So that's it, that's all you need to do to get your bathtub looking beautiful again. Cleaning your bathtub is especially important if you take regular baths. Dish soap is also great for cleaning your toilet and bathroom sink too, so you can use Jillee's cleaning solution to clean more than just your tub. You'll also find that natural cleaners work just as good as the chemical ones too, plus, they won't be a hazard to you, your family or your pets. Using vinegar and baking soda are also very common for cleaning the house. There are many cleaning tips that make use of white distilled vinegar as a disinfectant and an odour remover, and baking soda as a great natural scrubbing powder. If you enjoyed this cleaning tip, you will love Jillee's website because it's full of great simple life hacks, diy ideas and cleaning tips. Make sure you check out more of her great ideas and try this cleaning tip out the next time you have to clean your bathtub.***

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